Goals & Intentions for Q2 (2021)

Here's my rough plan for Q2 (+ a brief review of Q1)
April 6, 2021

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't plan out the first quarter of my year.

In a way, I'm glad I didn't. It was a highly disruptive 3 months. Big transitions both in personal life (travelling/moving), and professional life (I'll talk more about this at a later date).

Brief Q1 Review

My wife and I decided in early Jan that we'd do the "digital nomad" thing and travel the country while working. To make it more conducive to productivity, we'd spend ~30 days in each location and develop routine, find a gym, explore the place, etc.

We ended our lease, put 98% of our stuff in storage, and started travelling (around mid-Feb).

While we were doing this, I was (and still am) dealing with some significant changes in my work life and career (which I'll talk about more at a later date).

That, combined with the lack of structure being in a new location, not having a home office set up for productivity... it just didn't work.

So we decided to move back after a month, and get a long term rental.

I'm biased because I had a bad experience, but I'm not alone in my belief that travelling and working is not ideal, not conducive for productivity, and in most cases should be avoided.

Going forward, I'd much rather work at my permanent home office, and travel for enjoyment only.

That was most of Q1 for me. In other categories, here's how things went:


  • Definitely neglected in Q1 due to everything else going on. Looking forward to investing more in Q2 and beyond.


  • Lifting took a backseat, but I spent a lot of time mountain biking while travelling.
  • Nutritionally, I could have done a better job.
  • Didn't gain or lose any weight, but had planned to drop down to 92kg by end of Q2. Still at 95-97kg.


  • Going through some significant professional changes. This category of life was all-consuming during Q1.
  • EDMProd maintained revenue/profit compared to Q1 2020. Happy with this. We need to set up some stuff before moving into another growth phase.
  • Took on a consulting gig in Jan which is going well. It is time-consuming and won't be a long-term, multi-year contract. I told myself I'd avoid this kind of work, but there's a lot of leverage here which I want to take advantage of.

Goals & Intentions for Q2

Health Goals

Drop weight to 90kg

I've been setting this goal on a recurring basis and haven't achieved it. I'm more motivated than ever to do this, and Q2 will be the quarter. Putting it out there now (so feel free to keep me accountable).

Ever since bulking up to 95-97kg kg years ago, I haven't budged. I haven't dropped below 90kg in years.

But I should be below 90kg for optimal health. It's nice being strong, but I've got a bit of extra padding that I want removed.

I'm currently sitting around 97kg, and plan to lose approx .6kg per week over the quarter.

Health Systems

Intermittent Fasting

This is the only regime I've been able to stick to long term, and I feel better when I'm doing it. This, combined with tracking macros, is my plan for dropping the kgs.

More outside time

I've noticed a direct correlation between time spent outside, and general happiness. I want to prioritize this going forward, and find more ways to spend time outside.

A few ways I can do this:

  • Walk more. Now that I live close to the beach, walking has become even more enjoyable. I plan to take more walking meetings/phone calls, walks with wife in the morning or evening, and longer walks on days off.
  • Read and do sedentary activities outside where possible (especially if it's sunny).
  • Encourage outdoor activities with social circle.

Family Goals

Spend more time as a couple

Quarter 1 has been so work focused that I feel like I need to rebalance priorities. I'm married, it's just the two of us, and we hope to have a child as soon as possible.

But until we do, we should make the most of our time together.

Relationships Goals

Form new relationships and invest in existing relationships

I've got a great circle of friends both online and IRL, but I'd like to make a few more IRL.

It's been difficult partly due to location, and because working remotely you generally don't have a reason to meet people in person.

There are also people I love spending time with but could be more proactive about catching up.

Relationships Systems

Aim to have at least one catchup with a friend or new person per week, but don't cap it (in other words, if I happen to schedule 3-4 meetings/catchups on a Friday, that's fine. If it's just one, that's fine too.)

Work Goals

Take a 2-3 week break

I firmly believe this is one of the best things I can do professionally right now. I've just come out of an intense work period where I almost got burnt out.

I've been able to manage that, but I still feel that urge to just spend a few weeks reading. Thinking. Going on long walks.

That's my priority this quarter.

Read one book per week

I've been fairly slack with reading over the past 6-12 months, and I'd like to change that. I know how impactful reading is on my personal and professional life, and I love how learning new things energizes me.

This is the force multiplier for me personally, so I need to stay on top of it.

Fun Goals

Go on one hike/trip per month

I've got a mountain biking trip planned for April, but need to plan a hike or some similar outdoors drip for May + June.

Top of my list is to go on a hunting trip, which I'm sure I can line up.

Financial Goals

Monthly review

I stopped keeping a budget about 18 months ago, and it worked pretty well, but I think at this point I need to re-introduce some sort of management or review process—just to see where my money is being spent, and if I'm overspending in some category.

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