[100DB] Day 9 - Switching From Webflow to Wordpress & Better Documentation

Changing how I document this journey (to be more valuable) + a stupid decision that cost me 3 days of time.
November 7, 2020

The biggest friction point with this challenge so far is not building the business, but rather documenting the process.

I've noticed the last few days that I've put the bare minimum into my documentation: whether it's a video or blog post. Yesterday it was a very short update where I just said, "Here's what I did."

There are going to be days where I only make incremental progress, and it's not that interesting. But I still think I can do a better job of sharing what I'm thinking. Sharing what's going on behind-the-scenes in terms of decision making.

Simplifying the Documentation Process

So, I've decided to simplify how I document the rest of this challenge.

First, I'm going to focus on two mediums only: this blog, and YouTube.

The YouTube videos will be unlisted and embedded in the daily blog post updates. That way I'm not fussed about trying to artificially make them higher quality than they need to be (introducing friction and time).

Second, I'm going to focus on sharing what I'm thinking along with giving an update on how the challenge is going. Instead of recording a video about how I made the decision to do X over Y, I want to also share why I made that decision, and the thought process behind it.

Switching From Webflow to Wordpress

I've wasted 3 days trying to build a pre-order page in Webflow.

This was a suboptimal decision based on an emotional desire to learn something new, but also delay asking for money (which is a fairly natural thing to do).

While learning Webflow is fun, and I want to get more into it at some point, it makes zero sense for a 100 day challenge like this.

It also makes zero sense for the type of business I'm building. No one cares whether my website is hosted on Webflow or Wordpress.

So I've cut my losses and moved to Wordpress with Elementor.

This decision was easy to make. Ideally, it could have been avoided completely if I'd stepped back and looked at my biases.

In short, here are the three reasons why I switched:

  1. I've used Wordpress + Elementor for years. I work 5x faster in Wordpress, which is no joke when it comes to a 100 day project.
  2. Wordpress still seems to be better for content-based sites. Eventually I want to build out a solid stream of content for BuildLeverage.
  3. I've already built a ton of web design assets through EDMProd that I can easily export and use for this project (saving me hours of time).

Next Steps

I plan on finishing the rough design for the pre-order page tomorrow (day 10).

After that, I want to spend a few hours going through and editing it. Refining the copy where needed.

Day 12 will be the day I start validation. I want to make that first sale as quickly as possible to get proof of concept before I build.

The data so far:

  • Hours worked: 12.5
  • Revenue collected: $0
  • Total expenses: $206.99
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